‘Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.’

~ Rumi

As part of my mission as a human being, I have dedicated over half of my life to freediving, coaching both beginner and high-performance freedivers since before it was ever considered a world-class competitive sport. I have actively contributed to the development of freediving educational programs and its progression as an evolving body-mind science; my aim to foster a more harmonious relationship between ourselves and the natural world through the medium of freedive coaching. When considering how I wanted to best express myself as an educator, I was most driven by developing human potential and in the discipline required to attain it.

My company, MT Solomons Freediving, came out of that thinking. Its logo, the Japanese calligraphy form, of the open ‘enso,’ represents flow, harmony and the latent potential for greatness. All these notions I wish to embody in my teaching practice. Our bodies are about 70% water and the beauty in the art of Freediving is that it offers us a connection both to the ocean and to our inner selves. If we practice consciously, regardless of depth achieved, both become one; we can close the ‘enso’ circle and lean into perfection. We are each a tiny drop of Consciousness, but together we can become an ocean of One-ness; I know, because as a freediver, I’ve felt it.

Through the challenge of freediving, in which you will develop physical prowess and mental discipline, I am on hand to help you connect to the deepest part of you, so that you can access not only greater depths in the ocean, but within yourself. So doing, it will create nuance in your relationships with loved ones and generate a greater bond to the planet itself.

In your own journey of self-discovery, I offer a range of holistic experiences including basic freedive and Advanced coaching as well as AIDA certifications or transformational breathwork sessions. I only work with small groups (maximum 3 people) as courses are highly personalised.

Freediving for me is about experiencing the beauty of inner and outer worlds, perhaps in a way that no other activity offers; a sublimation of science and the sacred. In the martial arts, I learned three main principles: to learn the rules; to use those rules until you no longer need to engage with them to master form; and finally, to throw the rule book away and become ‘No Mind- to Fall into Flow’. I look forward to guiding you towards realising your greater self.

Coaching Foundation - The Four Elements

Earth | Air | Water | Fire

Each of the four elements exists within us, as much as they exist outside of us.
Regardless of the coaching, course or breathwork option you choose, all of the elements will be represented. We will learn about the skills and challenges associating with realising the full potential of our minds and bodies.

Earth | Body

Experiencing deep awareness through movement

With Yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong style movements we learn how to ground ourselves in our body and become more conscious of our posture, whilst stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system and vagus nerve relaxation response.

Air | Breath

Experiencing the breath

Through breathing exercises taken from pranayama and other breathwork modalities, we can take conscious control of our breathing patterns and consequently our emotions.

By modifying the way we move the diaphragm we improve the flexibility of the thoracic cage, increase the efficiency of our lung volume. With these techniques our normal breathing rate and breathhold comfort level are subtly improved so that  eventually we can freedive feeling more relaxed, with more focus and for longer times.

Water | Connection

Experiencing ourselves reflected in the ocean

Our bodies are comprised of trillions of cells made up of at least 70% water (even more in the brain and lungs). Each individual cell has the functional intelligence of the entire body’s nervous system and a healthy system is a sign that all the cells are working together in balance.

Our emotions, thoughts and actions affect that balance. When we freedive, the ocean is our mirror. So if we are stressed or tense or physically uncoordinated, this will affect the outcome of our dives. It is our mission to learn to become more physically and emotionally conscious.

Fire | Intention

Experiencing the power of our minds

Each dive is imbued with an intention, which most often is anything but a number. The moment we dive should be the present moment; not looking down, nor ahead of us, nor thinking about the disturbances around us.

All our training leads us to this one point focus.

Speciality RV Coaching (Advanced Level)

One-on-one guidance advanced coaching specialising in adaptation to depth using various RV techniques.

Equalisation Clinics
(All Levels)

Equalisation can be a problem area at any level. Here I look first at understanding frenzel for beginners and as we get deeper, adjusting that frenzel to mouthfill and air retrieval for RV depth training dives.

AIDA Courses

If you are looking for a progressions through different course levels with certification, these are the courses for you.

Freedive Fundamentals (Beginner Level)

If this is your first time freediving or if you have problems with techniques which prevent you from moving on further with your freediving, start here.

Transformational Breathwork Sessions

These are sessions modified from transformational breathwork as well as the Wim Hof method and pranayama from yoga to help you advance your breath-hold and breath awareness capabilities or as sessions for emotional release.


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