‘As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.’

~ Marianne Williamson

Maria-Teresa Solomons

World-Class Freediving Coach

I was first enticed to the lure of ‘depth’ in 1996, watching Aharon Solomons, my soon-to-be partner, disappearing into the unfathomable azure waters of Crete. Together, we would go on to join forces and develop our own style of teaching freediving technique. In these formative years, I was mentored by freediving’s historic icons Umberto Pelizzari, Francisco ‘Pipin’ Ferreras, Audrey Mestre and Tanya Streeter.
Before competitions were registered, I was the deepest diving female in the UK and Israel, achieving 85m “No Limits” and 76m in “Constant Weight (with monofin)” and “Free Immersion” and my best “Static Apnea” is 6:22. In the AIDA world championships, I’ve represented both UK and Israeli national teams four times; I’ve also participated in national competitions on several other occasions. I assisted world champion William Trubridge in Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas as part of his safety team and as a fellow coach. I was one of the main judges in the AIDA world championships in Roatan, Honduras.

I recently reclaimed a depth of 73m full lungs in only 6 weeks’ training primarily ‘RV’ Residual Volume, i.e. empty lung descents, knowing that I had more air to equalise and more time at depth despite having achieved that in winter conditions. Both my mind and my body have learned what happens when the dive reflex takes over and responds instinctively without having to learn tricks to be able to equalise with programmed alarms, or, in fact, by thinking too much! I’ll be 60yrs old in October 2024, and I know I am capable of returning to depth again.

Whilst proud of these achievements, freediving means so much more to me than accolades and numbers. It is the medium through which I continue to explore the incredible power of the human psyche to transcend perceived limitations to reach ever-greater depths both in the mind and the water. It has become an integral part of my life vision, how I view the world and the life with which we interact.

My Approach

Freediving as a ‘Vision Quest’

I am fascinated by the Dao concept of ‘WuWei’, the cultivation of an effortless state of being. I try to explore this understanding of ease and awareness in movement into my freediving journey and approach to teaching. I believe that with the right practice we are able to respond perfectly to any situation that arises in our search for mastery at whatever level, instinctively.

When you choose to learn with me, you become part of that ethos and it will be an experience much more than just breath hold or just another diving course. I will take you on a journey not only into the ocean’s beauty but into awareness of the patterns of your thoughts that either limit or expand you. You will physically feel that freediving is a meditation in movement and a reflection of where your tensions lie. Override those tensions and the sea will respond and welcome you in.

If you ask the simple question of “How was my freedive today?’ and the answer is clarity and joy despite the obvious challenge, you’ll have found the key to unlock your transformation.