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MT Solomons YouTube Channel

MT Solomons YouTube Channel

The Mammalian Reflex

The Painted Sail

April 9, 2024

MT Solomons Freediving Baja California

A Dream of Integration

MT Solomons – a wish for 2017






Documentary – The Painted Sail



Biopic – The Mammalian Reflex



Biopic – Vamos a Bucear (Let’s Freedive)



Reel – Freediving with the sea lions of Los Islotes



Reel – Into the beautiful deep blue of La Paz



Reel – Follow the yellow fin



Reel – The Ascent

Freedive Fundamentals (Beginner Level)


Freedive Fundamentals

This non-certification introductory course is perfect for anyone interested in gaining more confidence in and under the water. It will provide you with a deeper understanding of how to breathe, and the power of different breathing exercises, the details of how to equalise effectively and how to perform a fluid duck-dive to enter into your first freedive experience.

We swim out from shore and stay in a comfortable, safe confined environment.

Prices for private and group sessions are available upon request.


If a student excels in this first session and shows competence for more depth and feels they would like to explore further, they may purchase an additional day’s training session to be made from the boat. Kindly note that this option will only be offered subject to the MT’s availability and her discernment of the student’s competence.

Limited equipment rental options are available.

Group size for this class may be up to 6 people.

If you would like to complement your Freedive Fundamentals training with tailored Breathwork training sessions to better manage your emotions and psyche, please click here.

Duration: 1.5 days

1st Day (half day)

  • 3 hrs basic freedive theory
  • 1 hr practical dry exercises

2nd Day

  • Revision of the breathing and frenzel techniques
  • Extended confined water session
  • Static Apnea
  • Duckdive and entry techniques

Equalisation Clinics


Equalisation Clinics

Beginner Level Check

Duration: 75 minutes

Before beginning your freediving course this check, in person, by phone or on Zoom, will help resolve problem issues and will provide you with techniques and exercises to practise before your arrival. You will learn the frenzel technique and we’ll make sure you are able to perform it correctly for effective freediving before you even get in the water.

Coaching fees upon request.

Boat fees will be extra.


Advanced Level

Duration: minimum one month over Zoom/call/Whatsapp

Using the nose clip, we will learn how to refine your mouthfill. Following that we will move into air retrieval while practising RV dives for enurement to pressure at depth.

For specific problem solving contact me for personal one-on-one coaching sessions.

Coaching fees upon request.

Boat fees will be extra.


RV Speciality Coaching (Advanced Level)


RV Speciality Coaching: Adaptive Coaching - the safest, most effective, practical way to depth

Adaptive ‘RV’ (Residual Volume) dive training, or ‘Empty Lung’ diving, championed by Aharon Solomons, is the key to depth in freediving, if that’s what you are looking for.  It is the way to train the human physiological response to pressure and to instill the most powerful reflex we have, as freedivers. However, this exclusive and intense but beautiful period of training isn’t for the faint hearted, meaning that it isn’t for anyone who isn’t prepared to sacrifice all other freediving on full lungs, for a certain amount of time, to just that, emptying the lungs. That statement alone might seem a contradiction to those desiring the deep but with the right coaching, precision and feedback, it is the safest, most powerful, effective, and practical way to adapt the lungs and ears with the refined equalisation that it requires, to pressure at depth.

The prevailing approach to advanced freedive training to depth, is obviously based on full lung dives. It’s what most coaches are likely to suggest and although the meter by meter advance offers a safe progression, session by session this takes time, is less effective, and leads to fatigue, eventually limiting how many times you can effectively train.

RV training, as simple and as safe as it is, has been totally misunderstood and underestimated and as a result, overlooked probably because from the outset, adapting to extreme pressure at the surface, might feel brutal and so by default, can only start shallow. RV dives are initially, mentally much more challenging, because of the discomfort of the lungs being exposed to immediately higher pressure, and because, even with experienced freedivers, equalisation typically fails in the first few meters.  As a result, in the first few sessions most dives  won’t be more than a few meters and in a game where numbers count, the perceived results are that the training isn’t advancing fast enough or deep enough, interest wanes and the freediver drops out. With this training and the techniques involved in training the dive reflex, empty lung dives cannot be interspersed with full lung dives, so returning to what’s familiar, i.e. full lung or passive exhale, (FRC / Functional Residual Capacity) dives, might apparently feel more productive .

How wrong could that be!

If you are a freediver with a serious interest in human physiology and enough curiosity to want to understand how the human dive reflex is best triggered and why once it’s there it stays, then RV training is the most effective way to do it. With collaborative efforts, both Aharon and I have developed a revolutionary RV coaching program which has already gained accolades with the Chinese male and female freediving depth record holders as well as with other impressive achievements on the world competition circuit. When I was able to dedicate a few weeks exclusively to RV training, I achieved in a few deep sessions an unofficial Free Immersion world record dive to 72.5m in a 5mm suit with 4kgs of weight. It took a comfortable 3 minutes and I still had the equalisation and time for more.

I invite you to sign up to come and learn with me. With my help you will encounter probably the deepest connection to the ocean and to yourself that you could ever have imagined, and depth will come with the least struggle. For me, it has been the most incredible journey and where magic happens.

You can read more about enhancing your performance through tailored Breathwork training sessions here.

A pre-discussion is essential for this program.

Contact Me

This non certification introductory course is perfect for anyone interested in gaining more confidence in and under the water. It will provide you with a deeper understanding of how to breathe, and the power of different breathing exercises, the details of how to equalise effectively and how to perform a fluid duck-dive to enter into your first freedive experience.

Download course plan

Duration 2 days

1st Day

  • 3 hrs basic freedive theory
  • 3hrs of practical dry exercises.

2nd Day

  • Revision of the breathing techniques.
  • Extended confined water session.
  • Static Apnea.
  • Duckdive and entry techniques.

Individual Course price: $320 USD

  • Optional extra freedive sessions from the boat with line and buoys
    $275 USD per day. (boat fees included)

Group Course price :$195.00 USD p/p.

  • Optional extra freedive sessions from the boat: $150 USD p/p per day. (boat fees included)

Equipment Rental per day

  • Wetsuit, $8 USD
  • Weight belt and weights: $8 USD
  • Freedive fins: $10 USD
  • Mask & Snorkel: $8 USD

An introduction to freediving skills that will prepare you for depth. Designed to provide practical techniques for safe freediving and increase your confidence underwater.

You will learn how to breathe correctly before you freedive and on surfacing, the importance of relaxation for improving your breath-hold and to understand the differences in equalization techniques. You will also be introduced to duck dive, better finning, and basic partnerwork and safety techniques.

Duration 2 days

  • 4 hours of theory
  • 2 hours of dry practice
  • 1 Open water day

Individual course price: $390.00 USD

  • Boat fee included
  • Extra freedive sessions from the boat with line and buoys
    $275 USD per day.(boat fees included)

2-4 students: $240.00 USDp/p

  • Boat fee included
  • Certification fee: included.(boat fees included)

Duration ½ day
Practical dry exercises
Individual course price: $150 USD;
Group price: $ 75 USD pp;

The main objective of AIDA 2 is to become more familiar and less reactive to the unfamiliar sensations of the deeper pressure environment creates in us and to develop a set of mental skills that will allow us to approach depth with confidence. It deals more specifically with safety at depth, and will develop your skills in Static and Dynamic apnea.

Duration: 3 days

  • 2 theory sessions and exam
  • 2 days on the open water, (depth, static and dynamic training).
  • Comfortable progress to 20m
  • Individual course price: $ 650.00 USD
  • 2 – 4 students: $460.00 USD per person.
  • Certification fee: included
  • Boat Fees $150USD per day

This course, as well as teaching the principles of specific and non-specific training, CO2 & O2 tables, deep safety and rescue skills, will improve your confidence, teach you how to exploit the power of relaxation and increase your performance to enjoy longer, deeper dives.

At this level we establish a protocol for each freedive so progress to depth becomes a consistent, and instinctive mental and physical response.

“Project the game ahead of you, 3 seconds at a time!”

The purpose of sequencing each stage of the freedive is to help concentrate your mind on each moment and take your mind off of the goal of depth. This sequence of ‘building blocks’ sets up the freedive from the first part of the descent, culminating in the free-fall or ‘sink phase’ and then the return. This structure, trained to proficiency is the groundwork for progressing to the depth of your choice.

Duration: 3 & 1/2 days

  • 2 theory sessions and exam
  • 2 days open water
  • 1 confined water session
  • Comfortable progress to 28m
  • Individual course price: $ 690.00 USD
  • 2 – 4 students: $490.00 USD per person.
  • Certification fee: included
  • Boat Fees $150 USD per day

If you choose to continue on to this course you would have committed more fully than at any other level, to both the mental and physical challenge to ‘dive into yourself’.

Included are the more highly skilled strategies for depth including ‘mouth-fill’, ‘RV’, Residual Volume’ dives, and Variable Weights for inurement to pressure at depth and continued familiarization with the ‘free-fall or ‘sink phase’ as the essential ingredient for energy efficiency. In addition to this, the course touches on certain more profound aspects of sports psychology and
discusses lifestyle, and the dietary and nutritional changes that are beneficial to freediving.

By this stage, you will have understood the principles of structure inherent in each freedive, its precise mechanical skills combined with the ‘no-mind concept of, ‘concentration – de-concentration’, first coined by the queen of freediving, Natalia Molchanova, dependent on total relaxation.

You will learn the rules that govern freediving, the discipline of the practice and finally, to relinquish form, ‘let go’ and fall into a state of flow.

Duration: 5 days

  • 1 day Theory & exam
  • 4 days Open Water
  • Comfortable progress to 40m
  • Individual course price: $ 999.00 USD
  • 2 – 4 students: $780.00 USD per person.
  • Certification fee: included
  • Boat Fees: $150 per day

As a result of the high performance levels required to become an instructor we recommend that after completing the advanced level an aspiring freedive instructor should take the time to develop the skills necessary to train for safety and comfort at depth as well as dedicating equally as much time to becoming a keen and strong observer and communicator to be able to qualify as a more than just competent teacher

The Instructor Assistant Stage course duration, is based on acquiring those skills, being assessed on them at intervals and in completing the requirements

Email us for training opportunities and prices.

The Instructor intensive course is to work towards the required minimum level of personal performance established by AIDA, in the determined number of days, to familiarise each instructor with all the levels of courses and procedures and promote an understanding of the ethics of instruction.

The course does not allow for specific depth training. Each applicant should arrive capable or close to the training depth of 50m required by AIDA. The purpose of this course is to teach how to improve your teaching skills and does not guarantee that the instructor in training achieves the depth required for completing the certification.

Duration: 9-12 days and 40 hours of learning.

  • 3-days minimum Open Water
  • Req. Depth: 50m
  • Individual Course price $2,800USD
  • 2 – 4 students: $1,800.00 USD per person.
  • Certification fee: included
  • Boat Fees not included

Food, Drink and Accommodation


Food & Drink

Harker Board Co

HarkerBoardco. Restaurant Bar & SUP shop, is the first Stand Up Paddle Board company in La Paz.

“La Terraza” is an area overlooking the ocean, perfect to appreciate the beautiful bay of La Paz while tasting your favourite foods or a drink (IPA is a speciality here).

Large screens broadcast major sporting events. There’s Wi Fi and a great atmosphere. They offer Eco Adventure tours, rides and equipment sales.

Nomada Organics & Gourmet La Paz

Nomada Organics y Gourmet is a conscious eatery tucked away in La Paz’ center. This woman-owned café & shop specializes in vegan and vegetarian food. They use organic ingredients from local vendors that you can eat in or buy in the shop to cook at home. Buddha bowls, hotcakes, juices, lemonades and even kombucha smoothies made by the owners themselves, this is a spot to get energized.

Capuchino Cafe: Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant

If you find yourself face to face with an enormous blue monkey mural, you’ve found Capuchino Café. The mural is painted by Ulises Martínez, an Oaxacan artist who specializes in larger-than-life, brightly colored animal paintings. Capuchino is home to some of the best plant-based food in La Paz. They claim to have the ‘best vegetarian burger in all of La Paz,’ and I’ll back that claim, but even more impressive is their dedication to sustainability; supporting the local La Paz organic market, helping with beach-cleaning campaigns, refusing to use plastic, styrofoam or straws, and working with social organizations around the city to raise funds for local projects through their ‘Combos with a Cause’ initiative.


Right by the Malecón, Ambrosia is traditional Mexican with pizzazz. Take the cornerstone of Mexican street food, the taco. In Hambrusia, these deceptively simple stuffed tortillas become a canvas for culinary experimentation, with the fusion of typical and nontypical flavor combinations and textures. The results are colorful taco brews like octopus-and-beef and, for vegans, baked beet-and-gorgonzola or shitake-mushroom-and-onion-rings. And Hambrusia don’t stop there, from their beet tartare to the famed fish-of-the-day with capers and parmesan cheese, they’ve truly got style when it comes to cooking.


Nemi is fairly new to the restaurant scene but in their case age doesn’t match wisdom. Nemi was born with skill and flavor en masse, conducted by chef Alejandro Villagomez, (previously a sous-chef at one of Mexico’s best restaurants, Pujol (n° 12 in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list)). Inspired by Villagomez’ love for tradition, Nemi has an avant-garde edge too, focusing on contemporary Mexican cuisine and a daily changing menu of fresh seafood and vegans and vegetarian food. Their grilled asparagus with cheese and squash blossoms has become one of my go-tos.

NIM Restaurant & Restaurant Azul Marino

This one comes highly recommended by TripAdvisor, but don’t let that put you off. With an eclectic mix of international and contemporary Mexican dishes, these sister restaurants are probably the most popular local meeting and eating spots in la Paz. Run and managed by two sisters who travelled, studied and completed their culinary skills in many of the more sophisticated cities of the United States it produces an exquisite menu and expert service.


Simply the best and most original freshly prepared a la carte Sushi and Sashimi around. Ten minutes drive along the coastal road heading south out of la Paz, Odayaka is found in the quiet but exclusive Marina Puerta Cortez, formerly Costa Baja.

 La Miserable Mezcaleria

“Para todo mal, mezcal, para todo bien, también.” (For all evils, mezcal, and for all good as well)

This is the slogan of mezcal. And La Miserable is the number one spot for the experience. The bar has an extensive selection of mezcal from all over Mexico, and its staff are always happy to take customers on the traditional journey. They offer mezcal cocktails, as well as poured neat, and have a tasting option for when you want to explore a world of agave flavors. La Miserable also serves a few dinner options, which you can enjoy in their outdoor patio along with your drink, such as their special Saturday-only pozole, a Mexican stew dish, which can be veganified if asked.

El Minero Bar and Restaurant

Located in the old gold and silver mining village of El Triunfo in the mountains of Baja California Sur, Mexico about an hour’s drive from La Paz and Todos Santos, El Minero features a few signature items such as homemade sausages, fresh seafood, paella, artisanal cheeses, homemade condiments and old-fashioned draft root beer floats. They also offer a selection of draft Baja Brewing beers, quality wines, tequilas, mezcals and house cocktails, including two types of margaritas.


La Marinera fresh fish restaurant.

Oliva Merida

Mostly an Italian menu with freshly made pastas and a great view of the malecon.

Posada de las Flores

Located on the second floor.

Doce Cuarenta Coffee Shop & Eats

The best coffee shop in town.


Cactimar, Off-Grid Eco-Ranch Bungalow

A 30-minute drive out of the city will lead you to Cactimar, an ecological ranch, hidden in amongst the coastal dunes and flanked on all sides by giant cacti, wildlife and overlooking the blue waters of the la Paz bay. Its bungalows overlook an isolated beach, from where, if you’re lucky, you might catch sight of whale sharks and dolphins without even having to leave your room. Cactimar allows visitors to enjoy the unspoiled landscape of the Mexican coast up close with minimal impact on the flora and fauna of the area. Besides providing you with an experience of living in the Mexican desert the French couple offers horseback rides across sandy dunes and along solitary beaches, as well as equipment for snorkeling, kayaking and parasailing.

Rancho Ancón

Rancho Ancón is a spectacular house, anchored on top of a hill, halfway between La Paz and the town of La Ventana. The Rancho is only accessible by car, as it’s a 20-minute drive away from either one of these cities. However its isolated location is actually one of the house’s strongest characteristics. It transforms the hill into a remote private island, with a spectacular view that stretches out into endless blues and greens, to La Ventana, and beyond that, across the Sea of Cortez and Isla Cerralvo. With a mountain-view patio BBQ, well equipped kitchen, capacity to easily sleep 6, and a perfect WiFi connection, this is a wonderful place for small groups and families.

Casa Esterito

This unassuming, inexpensive little hostel at the far end of town might be one of the more interesting socially alive places to hang out. Found in one of the older fishermen districts of La Paz, which is still relatively untouched by the newer developments, Casa Esterito’s young travellers and local staff make for enthusiastic conversation and unrivalled local tips. Miguel, an alternative tourism student at the university here, and former freedive student of mine, was to a large degree, builder and creator of its Casa Esterito’s eclectic style and has infused it with a great vibrant energy.

The Mantarraya Outpost

The Mantarraya Outpost is a bed-and-breakfast located in the center of La Paz. It’s just a few blocks away from the Malecón, La Paz’ large waterfront walkway with uninterrupted views of the sunset, statues by Mexican artists celebrating the sea life and the town, and an array of popular restaurants and bars. Luisa, the host in charge of the Outpost, prepares freshly-squeezed orange juice, fruits, eggs and tortillas, the typical hearty Mexican breakfast, for guests every day. The Outpost consists of three quiet guest bedrooms, plus a private garden area for visitors to lie in hammocks and relax in the outdoors. It’s an intimate, home-like experience in the very heart of La Paz.

Casa Marysol

Casa Marysol, is a more upmarket (and urban) accommodation option bang in the center of La Paz. It’s literally a one-minute walk away from the Malecón, which means you can taste the salty sea air and watch the sun setting against the ocean from your bedroom balcony. The white-and-blue villa contains two bedrooms (each with a private bathroom and balcony), a roof deck, parking space and a backyard patio adorned with desert flora, a pool, a jacuzzi and a BBQ. Despite its many amenities, Casa Marysol is not without an eco conscience. The owner, Monica, has built rainwater capture basins for the house, in order to reduce water waste. She also uses only non-toxic cleaning materials and provides reusable grocery bags and recyclable bins for visitors.

Posada Flores Boutique Hotel

Located only a few blocks from the very heart of la Paz, this boutique hotel is a treat for the design-minded. Keeping in line with the colonial character of the older residential area of La Paz, Posada Flores has a luxury ambiance with the classic modernism of a traditional Mexican hacienda. Its rooms are a creative combination of artesanal stonework, hardwood beams, and careful detail given to the choice of furniture and decor. If you want to finish your evening with a good mezcal and an unrivalled sunset you couldn’t find a much better location.

Transformational Breathwork Sessions


Transformational Breathwork Sessions

Freedive Performance Enhancement

I am a trained 9D Transformational Breathwork facilitator and offer full 75 – 90 minute Breathwork sessions adapted specifically to help freedivers up their game, as far as creating a safe space for releasing any pent up performance anxiety nerves or for down regulating the nervous system to realign with a parasympathetic rather than sympathetic response during pre-competition training and/or the competition day itself.

I’ve integrated some short Breathwork and breath hold training sessions into the courses and training, to set the stage for your experience with breath as gateway to your mind.

In addition to the benefits outlined here, I also offer shorter versions adapted for children and adolescents to become more aware of the power that breathwork is, especially when dealing with emotions and psychology.

You can choose to recharge the day with the shorter practices, or choose as an extra option, to explore one or several of the 9D Transformational Breathwork modules, developed to take you deeper into yourself, during your freedive stay here with me.

Please contact me for more information including upcoming dates.


9D Breathwork

9D Breathwork is a groundbreaking approach to wellness and healing that leverages the most advanced aspects of Breathwork, enriched with a multi-dimensional sound experience.

9D Breathwork opens a pathway directly into the subconscious mind, the driver of 98% of all human behaviour, skillfully transmuting internal blocks into sources of immense personal power, all the while working with the body’s innate intelligence to release trapped energy from the nervous system, creating a clean slate. Through a combination of breath, sound, and guided visualisation, the method induces a hypnotic state. It slows brainwave frequencies to allow for an inward journey where the subconscious becomes more receptive to change.

9D Breathwork is structured to create a holistic experience that addresses and nurtures the individual’s physical, mental, and emotional aspects, making it a comprehensive tool for personal transformation and healing.

It incorporates the following 9 Dimensions:

  1. *Immersive 9-dimensional breathwork experience* enhanced by surround sound
  2. *Binaural beats* are expansive sounds that calm, relax and awaken our consciousness.
  3. *Solfeggio frequencies* help maintain the body’s energy centers open.
  4. *Isochronic beats* are single tone beats that improve our mental ability.
  5. *432 Hertz* sounds reduce anxiety, lower heart rate and blood pressure, improve our perception and mental clarity, and develop our intuition.
  6. *Somatic breathwork* increases our awareness to our body.
  7. *Subliminal subconscious messages* enhance our awareness by deep concentration and focused listening.
  8. *Vocal guidance* provides support and safety throughout the journey.
  9. *Acoustic sound effects* reduce stress and anxiety levels, enhance well-being, concentration and productivity, improve the learning ability and interpersonal communication, as well as decrease BP.

Whether your goal is stress reduction, self-healing, or simply seeking relaxation, breathwork offers something for you.

Engaging in breathwork on a regular basis has proven to offer numerous benefits across various aspects of our well-being. Here’s a look at some of the key advantages:

  • Stress and Anxiety Reduction: Facilitates relaxation and soothes the nervous system.
  • Physical Health Boost: Enhances blood circulation and oxygen levels, supports detox processes, aids in digestion, and bolsters immune system health.
  • Mental Health Improvement: Elevates mood, and sharpens concentration, memory, creativity, focus, and energy.
  • Spiritual Awareness Growth: Deepens the connection with one’s body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

For beginners, guided breathwork sessions are highly recommended due to the numerous advantages of having a seasoned guide. These sessions eliminate the guesswork of navigating the practice, allowing for quicker learning and deeper understanding.

Guided breathwork not only enhances focus, particularly for those seeking to clear their minds of distractions, but it also suits individuals apprehensive about remaining still for extended periods. Through these sessions, participants engage in deep breathing exercises while following along with an audio guide, which meticulously leads them through each step, enabling a distraction-free focus on breathing. This aspect makes guided breathwork a valuable tool for those who find traditional meditation or mindfulness practices challenging.

During a guided breathwork session, participants follow instructions from an audio guide, detailing when to breathe in and out, maintaining focus throughout the exercise. The instructor provides clear directions for each stage, offering feedback to enhance the practice. Designed for relaxation and enjoyment, these sessions are brief, typically ranging from 15 to 30 minutes.

No special equipment is necessary for participating in guided breathwork. A comfortable spot to sit or lie down and a pen or pencil for taking notes post-session may be beneficial. Headphones are provided for an immersive experience.

The frequency of guided breathwork practice is flexible and tailored to individual preference. While some find daily sessions beneficial, others opt for less frequent practice. Choosing a guided breathwork routine that best suits your needs is crucial.

9D Breathwork provides guidance on integrating breathwork into daily life, offering guided sessions as an accessible tool for incorporating this practice.

Please contact me for more information including upcoming dates.



Freediving Spots


Freediving Spots

As a freediving enterprise concerned about ethical practices for conservation we offer the most conscious non-invasive interaction with some of the most graceful giants of the sea.

The Sea of Cortez and la Paz

Named, ‘the aquarium of the world’ by Jacques Cousteau, la Paz lies on the southern shores of the Gulf of the Sea of Cortez, made famous by Steinbeck’s, ‘ The Log from the Sea of Cortez’. Once the pearling capital of the americas and its major industry through till the beginning of the 20th Century, for the best visibility, and clear, warm waters the most rewarding months for freediving in the Baja are from August to November.

Isla Espíritu Santo’s sea lion colony

Probably the most visited dive location in southern Baja, visitors will often encounter turtles feeding in one of the northern bays plus a breeding area specific to one type of mobula (small manta). The winter months, in particular from February to September is the time when the large whales – greys, Humpbacks and Blue – are most seen, although there are also resident transient Orcas around for most of the year.

Isla Cerralvo

Isla Cerralvo (also referred to as Jacques Cousteau Island) is the familiar local name for the 25 mile long desert island in the Mexican UNESCO Biosphere reserve. It’s more than a 2hr boat ride from la Paz and its sharp desert shores make it even more beautifully remote as a freediving spot. About 3 miles off the north shore of Cerralvo there is a rocky outcrop called la Reina, with a small sea lion colony which has gained popularity again in the last couple of years because of the giant pacific mantas.

The sunken ships of la Paz

Some of the shipwrecks are settled in the shallower waters and serve to create new marine environments, even artificial coral reefs. My favorites are the C59, which lies on its side about 18m along the south western coast of Espiritu Santo Island; and the ‘Fang Ming’, famous for its resident turtles. It lies in 25m of water, with the shallowest mast visible from the surface at 5m. You can find it off the Roca Ballena midway along the western coast of Espiritu Santo about an hour’s panga ride 45 minute from la Paz .

Getting Here


Getting Here

International Direct

San Jose del Cabo (SJD) is the local airport for most of the international arrivals from the USA and Canada. SJD sits between San Jose del Cabo or Cabo San Lucas and it is a 15 to 20 minute ride into any one of those two towns or a 3hr drive from la Paz.

Buses connecting the airport to la Paz and Cabo san Lucas or San Jose del Cabo.

From Cabo it’s best to take a taxi or Uber. From la Paz there is an hourly airport shuttle, a smaller bus which has usually only 5 or 6 people travelling at any one time, is efficient and comfortable and costs about $40 USD each way.

Domestic arrivals: La Paz

When arriving from mainland Mexico, or across the Border Xing airport bridge from California to Tijuana the best airport to fly into is the Aeropuerto Internacional La Paz, (LAP).It has no international flights, but is an efficient easy place to arrive and only a short 20 minute drive from downtown la Paz. At the airport you can get a shared communal shuttle taxi to anywhere in town for a small fee. There is no Uber facility to the airport because of the taxi unions strength here but on your return from la Paz heading home, Uber is an option.

For local flights check the local airlines for tickets to la Paz or to Cabo. General search options such as Skyscanner, Google Flights or some of the other cheaptickets online, they might not show these tickets at all. However, they are as cheap or might have cut price offers and have a varied schedule that you might integrate independently with your main international arrival to avoid a long haul layover at the airport.

Aero Mexico
Calafia Airlines
Viva Aerobus



Like Freediving, Maria is unique! Maria is not only very skilled, professional, technical, attentive and reassuring while diving, she also knows how to transmit the whole spirit and concept behind freediving which makes the whole experience unique and unforgettable. Thanks to Maria for all the amazing experiences and the future ones to come!

Francis GervaisCanada

My diving experience with MT has been nothing but great, she's a holistic teacher who is imparting more than just her diving knowledge on her students. A treasure trove of wisdom and information, she takes a mind, body, spirit approach to her lessons, an approach that I really resonated with and I'm sure many others will too. Can't wait to continue my apnea training in the near future!


My experience Freediving with MT Solomons far surpassed all my expectations. I had trained with other freedivers previously, which I enjoyed, but MT's knowledge and holistic approach were truly on another level. Her classes are packed full of invaluable information that only someone as experienced as MT could possess. You will leave her classes with a deep understanding for all aspects freediving, and wisdom that can be applied to all areas of life. It was truly an unforgettable experience and a privilege to learn from one of the world's best freediving coaches. I look forward to continuing my training with her.

David BermanSydney

"I chose MT as my first freediving coach after researching - just about literally - everyone else on the planet. She stood out to me for her long history as a leader in the sport, and the respect that other freedivers had for her. I could not have been more pleased. MT goes beyond mere technical instruction. She understands the mind-body connection, and with her yogic training integrates beautiful mental training as well. She has a huge heart for her students and the sea - which can be seen in every aspect of her life. I look forward to diving with her again!

Samuel HChicago

La experiencia que viví tanto fuera como dentro del agua resultó superar las expectativas que tenía. MT es una mujer que integra de manera armónica diversas disciplinas a nivel mente cuerpo y espíritu, que me permitieron conocer más de mí, del poder e inteligencia de nuestro cuerpo. Ya en la cuerda sumergiéndonos su mirada y presencia sin duda me otorgaron una confianza que hizo ese día... uno de los más hermosos de mi vida.

Dante Eder Hernández.San Juan del Río Querétaro

I call myself a fish. Even before I could walk, my dad had me in the water. I have been a swimmer, a very good one, all my life. When MT's class was given to me as a gift, I honestly didn't think I would learn anything more than what I had figured out from experience. I mean, it's just holding your breath a freakishly long time while swimming underwater, right? No. It isn't. MT helped me understand the mammalian reflex and how that works. She taught me how to breathe before and after the dive. She taught me about posture, stroke and mental relaxation. I'm 55 and a sailing captain on the Sea of Cortez. After all these years of "free diving" on my own, which was really just diving down while snorkeling to get a closer look at the sea life or check the anchor, she taught me there is a lot more to freediving than just holding your breath. MT gave me the tools I needed to relax and reach my threshold. I hope to learn more from her in the future. She is a guru of free diving. My sensei.

Stephanie WatkinsBeulah, Michigan, USA

My diving experience with MT has been nothing but great, she's a holistic teacher who is imparting more than just her diving knowledge on her students. A trove of wisdom and information, she takes a mind, body, spirit approach to her lessons, an approach that I really resonated with and I'm sure many others will too. Can't wait to continue my apnea training in the near future!

Sivan DondeSydney Australia

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